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You can have it all in one package; CMMS, CAFM, EDMS, IIoT, BIM, Desktop / Mobile / Tablet, Multi-Site, On- or Off-Premise, Excel Import/Export, Security, Concurrent User Licenses, Unlimited Requestors, and the only fully configurable platform for developing any type of facilities management solution.

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About Best CMMS

New to The Americas, the Best CMMS management and programming team has over 100 years of experience in software development for facilities management. Established in 2008, Best CMMS has been implemented in factories, refineries and laboratories all across Europe and the Middle East.

Working with U. S. based CMMS industry experts, the Best CMMS solution has developed a very powerful mobile-centric user interface that works on- or off-line, uses the phone’s camera to read bar codes or document work, AND supports speech-to-text. The Best CMMS software solution is 100% web-based with a combined functionality found in stand-alone CMMS, CAFM, EDMS, IIoT, BAC, BIM, Fleet and Warehouse Management systems.

What makes Best CMMS truly unique is its configurability.  No programming is required to add any additional functionality that you might need or to limit functionality based on user security.  Multiple concurrent database connectivity makes it easy to pull data in from any data source.

Best CMMS Functionality


Host On-premise or in the Cloud Chrome / IE / Safari / Firefox


Designed to Support Unlimited Levels of Sites / Properties / Buildings / Assets


Fully Configurable Add Functionality without Customization


Unlimited User Configurable Security to the Form and Field Levels


Subscription includes Technical Support & Upgrades


Link to Multiple Concurrent Databases Exchange Data with IIoT Devices, Building Automation Controls, HR, Finance, Etc.


200+ Standard Reports Unlimited Custom Reports with Scheduling & Alerts

Best CMMS is an “All-in-one” fully configurable web-based facility management solution.

You host or we host as a monthly service.  Either way, it is an Operations Expense, not a Capital Expense.

Components of Best CMMS


Desktop Application Designed for Power Users


Mobile / Tablet / Desktop Designed for Use in the Field


Used to Create Data Enabled Drawings


Unlimited Requestors Field-level User-based Security

Best CMMS Core

  • Workorder Management
  • Asset Management
  • Labor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Service Contracts
  • Task Simulation
  • Project Management
  • Inspections
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fleet Management
  • Tool Management
  • Space Management
  • Move Management
  • 2D DWF Integration
  • 3D Live Visualization
  • Identify Areas, Equipment & Occupants in Drawings
  • GPS Integration
  • User-based Security
  • Electronic Document Management System
  • 100’s of Standard Reports
  • Develop Your Own Reports with Schedules & Alerts
  • Easily Import Data via Excel
  • Integrate Data from Multiple Concurrent Sources

Best CMMS Essentials

  • Mobilize Your Workforce
  • Create, Issue & Close Workorders in the Field
  • Rounds & Inspections
  • Inventory Counts
  • Runs on any Device with a Browser Connection
  • No Downloads Required
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Easily Configure to Control User Access
  • End-user can Turn On/Off Columns
  • Auto-calculate Labor Time
  • Access Electronic Documents in the Field
  • Multiple Filters to Locate Desired View
  • Speech to Text
  • Barcode Support
  • Works On or Off Line
  • GPS Integration
  • Add Photos
  • Supports Chrome, iOS Safari, Firefox & Edge
  • Suitable for Most Users
  • Works Great on Desktop PCs, Laptops & Tablets
  • Eliminate Paper Workorders
  • Update in Real-time from the Field
  • Create Assets & Parts
  • Access Personal & Group Messaging/Alerts

Best CMMS primaVista

  • Polyline Your Drawings for Use in Best CMMS
  • Assign Drawings to Assets, Floors & Buildings
  • Associate Data to Drawings
  • Create .dwf Files
  • No 3rd Party Viewer Required
  • Works with AutoCAD™ 2008+

Best CMMS Requests

  • Submit Requests from Any Browser Connection
  • Check Request Status from Any Browser Connection
  • Fully Configurable
  • Set Security Based on User Profile
  • Add Photos & Utilize Speech to Text
  • Requestors Do Not Count Towards License Usage

Best CMMS Services


  • Online
  • Live
  • Video Tutorials
  • Online Documentation


  • No Coding Required to Add or Limit Functionality
  • Add Fields, Forms, Workflows, Terminology & More


  • Reduces Need for Internal IT Resources
  • Add Functionality without Customization


  • Workflow Process Development
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Compliance

Database Integration

  • Create a Unified View of All Facilities Data Including BAC, IIoT, Finance, HR & More

Data Conversion

  • Convert from You Existing System(s)
  • Transform Data from Other Applications


  • Ensure Project Success with a Plan Covering Needs Assessment to Go-Live

Technical Support

  • Issue Resolution
  • Product Support
  • Licenses Management
  • Upgrades

Very Simple Licensing

  On-premise (Running on Your Network) or Hosted (Running on Our Network)
  Licensed Per Concurrent User
  Minimum 10 User
  Unlimited Requestors
  Unlimited Named Users
  All Modules Included

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Common Questions or Request More Information

Q – What is the difference between On-premise and Hosted?
A – On-premise means it is managed by your IT department and runs inside your firewall. Hosted costs a bit more but we handle all the IT chores reducing the burden on your IT department.

Q – What is a “Concurrent User”?
A – Any User presently logged into Core, Essentials or primaVista.

NOTE: Many Asset Management applications charge per “Named User” rather than “Concurrent User”.   With Best CMMS, you only need a license count equal to the maximum number of Users expected to be logged in at that same time.  You do not need licenses for all your Named Users.

Example:  ABC Corp. has 50 different people they want to access the system.  With many Asset Management applications, they would be required to pay for 50 licenses.  With Best CMMS, you might only need 10 licenses if you never had more than 10 Users in the application at the same time.

Q – What is a “Named User”?
A – Anyone set up in the system with a User Name and Password.

Q – What is a “Requestor”?
A – Anyone who submits a request for Services.

Q – Are we buying the software?
A – No, you are leasing the software on an annual basis billed monthly or annually.  On-premise installations will need to connect to Best CMMS for an updated license key monthly or annually based on your billing cycle.

Q – How easy it is to add more licenses?
A – It only takes a few minutes to adjust your licensing.  Remember, there is no software to download.  We adjust your license count and you are ready to go.

Q – Do I own my data?
A – Yes, Best CMMS will not use your data for any purposes other than to support your implementation.  You may easily export copies of your data at any time.

Q – What is the difference between “Configuration” and “Customization”?
A – Customization requires programming changes to the software code which can be expensive, time consuming and be affected by future upgrades.  Configuration can be done in the application by anyone with the knowledge and rights to make changes to your instance of the application.  Configuration may be implemented in as little as a few minutes and will not be affected by future upgrades.

Q – What languages are currently supported?
A – Best CMMS is available with library sets for English, Italian, German, Farsi, Russian, Georgian and French.  Mexican Spanish is coming soon.

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